Saturday, June 20, 2009

Does Bad Luck really comes in 3's or is it 6's?

You know, they say that bad luck comes in threes so how come I'm past three? Maybe I am headed towards six, which is two times the magical three. Over the winter, we had our lakehouse remodeled. In preparation for this, we purchased all new appliances. We had the stove and refrigerator towards the end of the summer. Love the new Kenmore refrigerator which has freezer on the bottom and French door for the refrigerator part. Number One: Over the winter, we ordered the Kenmore dishwasher and the Kenmore microwave/convection oven combination. My husband arrived here the third week of May and within days the microwave broke! He called the SEARS repair number and a week and a half later they came out, ordered parts and said that they would be back the next week. They "fixed" the microwave with the new parts. We used it for exactly a week and it broke again, the same problem as before. Grrrr. We are out of the 90 day return period but within the one year manufacturers warranty. Repairman will be out on Monday. They can either try to fix it again or declare it unrepairable. My guess is that they will try to fix it again. Number Two: Now, our refrigerator, which I love, does not meet the specs for its measurements. The cabinets were ordered based on the specs. Turns out our refrigerator bows out in the middle of the sides of the refrigerator. It barely fits into the space. The problem is that we have pull it out twice a year - to turn the water on for the ice maker and to turn it off when we leave in the fall. Hopefully the repairman will be able to look at that as well. Number Three: we ordered a new dining room set last Saturday and it was delivered last Wednesday. As they unpacked the dining room table, the delivery people noticed that the side off the table had a gouge. A new one is being delivered next week. Number Four: Last night at dinner, one of the dining room chairs split and a piece cracked off. Haven't called the furniture store yet but hoping it can be delivered when they deliver the table. Number Five: need to call Charter Communications because the DVR that we have through them does not record series. Sure I can go in and schedule one recording but not a series. Number Six: The dining room light fixture that we purchased and had installed this winter was warped and crooked. My dear husband had to take it down. buy a new one and then install it. Today I am picking up the new bicycle that I ordered last week. Hopefully it will be what I want; if not, I'll order another one. I wonder if I am working on my third set of threes? Only time will tell.