Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guess who the newest Schwalm will be?

All of our kids and their spouses and girlfriend came up here in northern Michigan for 4th of July. We are this little village along the bay of a large lake that has an old fashioned celebration. The kids wanted to be part of it so they all came up though arrivals and departures were staggered. Jeff and his wife Amber were the first to arrival followed by our older son Chris and his girlfriend Haley. Lisa and her husband Nate were the last to arrival. Anyway, fireworks here on the lake are held on the 3rd of July. We all gathered around the firepit waiting for it to get dark (which is around 10:00). Chris decided to take Haley out in the old rowboat to watch the fireworks. We cooked s'mores, made noises when they shot up the fireworks and had a great time. When Chris and Haley came back they made THE announcement...they were engaged to be married. Hope you enjoy our photos!