Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting ready for the Wedding

I went to Richmond on Friday to have a chance to go over some wedding details with Lisa and to take her shopping. We hit Short Pump Mall running on Saturday morning.We had a successful and tiring day. That evening we waited for her brother Chris to drive down; he was coming down to take photos of her at Maymount Park in Richmond - casual and fun wedding photos. When he arrived we went out to eat dinner at a wonderful Cuban restaurant called Kuba Kuba. Their Cuban pork with rice and black beans were delicious and enough to have several more meals from your doggy bag. Sunday morning we picked Chris up and drove to the park. Lisa put on her wedding gown and off we went. Thank goodness it was her brother taking the photos; I don't think she would have done half the things he asked her to do (can't tell you because I'd give away the secrets). We finished just before the rain drops began. After that, we had a marathon meeting at Willow Manor where the wedding will be. We thought we were on top of things but the wedding coordinator gave us lots to think about. We left on overload but do have a list to work through. I just can't believe the wedding will be in 10 days but more important - I can't believe our daughter is getting married. When did she become old enough to marry? What happened to playing make believe on a blanket in the back yard with Angela, tea parties with her daddy, wanting to cuddle with us at night. It really does seem like yesterday though going through all the different stages it seemed to last forever. We have been very blessed with our daughter (and all of our sons too).

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