Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wedding

What can I say about our daughter's wedding? As a parent you hope that it is all that your child wants it to be but realistic to know that something always goes wrong. You try to prepare them for that possibility. In this case, nothing went wrong and it was a fairy tale wedding.

Lisa was radiant in her dress and the big, broad smile never left her face. As she walked out of the Willow Manor Country Estate house, she locked eyes on Nate. No one else existed for her. Her father became very sentimental when he gave her away with love. They were surrounded with family and friends as they exchanged vows. As they were pronounced man and wife, there was a jubilant cheer among all of us. They walked back down the aisle to the strains of "All I Want is You" from the movie Juno. A little corny but just so perfect for their wedding.

Following pictures, the reception began. Willow Manor could not have looked any more beautiful as it did on this warm October night. The white table linens topped with navy blue table toppers with the silver plate chargers and the china looked beatiful with the hurricane lanterns and the large candle pillars with navy blue ribbons. They were on top of mirror squares with small votives surrounding them. Along the pool were many luminaries in white bags and then we floated candles in the pool. Picture Perfect!

Nothing makes a wedding a hit as much as the food and most importantly, the DJ and boy, did Rodney rock. We were all out there dancing as much as we could either by ourselves, our partners or anyone we could grab. At the end of the evening when the reception was just about over, everyone wanted to take up a collection and have Rodney stay and play more but the bride , after a long day preparing for the wedding, the entire wedding party and parents were tired and anxious to rest a little. We could not have asked for more for Lisa and Nate's wedding. Thank you Margaret, the owner and wedding consultant at Willow Manor Country Estate in Providence Forge, Virginia.

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