Friday, February 5, 2010

Too Much Snow!!!!!!!

I do like snow particularly when it is snowing or the day after it has snowed when the snow crystals are sparkling on the trees and the sun has come out and the sky is an azure blue. The next day, the snow, slush, grime, salt can all go away.

It started in December when we received 2 feet of snow. What is a little unusual is that I am in central Virginia where we usually don't get this much snow. Nevertheless, we had it and had to deal with it even though it meant that we had to cancel our family's Christmas (no one was going to be here on Christmas day).

We went to Michigan for a month and had little snow or at least a little for northern Michigan. We even delayed our return to avoid yet another snowstorm in central Virginia, one which dumped 8 inches on our area. Two days after we got home, and four days after the previous storm, we received another 6 inches of snow.

Now, we are in the midst of another BIG snowstorm and again it has screwed up our weekend plans. We were going to DC and meet with our son and his fiancee to look at wedding rehearsal dinner venues and to celebrate Christmas but oh no - Mother Nature had to screw it up. So we sit home, shoveling every two hours a wet and heavy snow.

We have decided to try to go to DC next Tuesday, trying to work around our son's evening school classes. But of course, Mother Nature is stepping in again to squash that idea by having yet another snowstorm on Tuesday/Wednesday. What about the weekend following, you ask? He'll be away in New Orleans for a Bachelor Party but also, another snowstorm is in the horizon.

Mother Nature, haven't we had enough snow?

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