Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Escape from the Snow

Boy, were we lucky to have a 10 day Caribbean trip planned so that we could escape the cold and snow of Virginia. To make it more of a vacation, we decided to drive down to Fort Lauderdale. With the car loaded, we were "on the road again".

We made it to the Georgia/Florida border, an ideal place for us to spend the night since we wanted to see the Okefenokee Swamp the next day. We use the Room Saver coupon books that are in rest areas to get our rooms. You wouldn't believe how much more people pay for the same room that we do when we use the coupon books.
We woke up and drove over to the Swamp where we went on a boat ride through the swamp with Joey, a 6th generation swamper. Birds, gators and much more were in the swamp. A very interesting place to visit if you haven't been there.

Our next stop was Amelia Island and Fernardina Beach. What a unique and quaint city it was. We drove along to check out the island before returning to our next motel room (Best Western in Yulee City) where once again we used our Room Saver coupons and saved $20 more than the person that was checking in behind me (boy, was he upset when he heard how much we were paying).

The next morning we went for another boat ride - this one around part of Amelia Island, Cumberland Island (where John F. Kennedy, Jr. was married) and other barrier islands. We saw gators (again), wild horses, birds and so much more. The evening was capped off with a delicious meal with a smocking friend of mine. Great food, great wine and great friendship. Thank you Suzanne for a wonderful evening.

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