Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At Last, my first blog!

Let me begin by explaining my blog name. I grew up, went to college, married, and had two of my three children while living in the Boston suburbs. My husband Darrell came home from work one day and said he had been transfered to Washington DC. I suppose that shouldn't have surprised me since he worked for the government BUT we had just purchased our first home 10 months earlier, had a baby three months prior, had a three year old, and was just beginning to settle in to our new life. I headed to the DC suburbs looking for a new home and settled in northern Virginia. I really stood out with my Boston accent (dropping my R's), and an avid Red Sox and Patriots fan. I was surrounded by BBQue with cole slaw on top, learned to say soda instead of tonic, had to tolerate Redskins fan, Orioles fans and more recently Nationals fans. Having lived in Virginia now for 26 years, I have come to appreciate and adopt all things southern but still have very strong northern roots.

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  1. How exciting...mom has a blog! I look forward to all of your updates. Love yah! (chris)