Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Shower

Our only daughter Lisa is getting married on October 11th to a wonderul guy. She and Nate have dated for over 5 years after having met at JMU - James Madison University in Virginia. I flew back to Virginia for her shower at Notaviva Vineyards in Purcellville, VA owned by Stephen and Shannon. Stephen is the son of my longtime friend Mickie. The Maid of Honor Angela and the bridesmaids Nena, Haley, Amber, Natalie and Jenna did a fantastic job. The winery looked amazing, the food was scrumptious, the wine never stopped pouring and the gifts were very generous and much appreciated by the happy couple. A nice touch that the Maid of Honor did was to place a card at everyone's place and have them write down their favorite memory of Lisa. After Lisa opened a gift, Natalie and Jenna read a memory and Lisa had to guess who wrote it. It was a nice way of sharing some of our memories of Lisa with her future in-laws so they would cherish her as much as her family does. The last gift she received was a recipe book holding pictures and recipes that we all had sent in to Haley. This is a beautiful hardcover book. On the page that has your recipe, a picture of you was inserted. When she made your recipe, your photo was right there to guide her. I would highly recommend this company and their site is:

Later that evening her Bachelorette Night was held. Her future sisters-in-law are college students and they wouldn't have been able to come back to Washington DC for a party closer in time to the wedding. After a Mexican dinner, they were picked up by a limo that had Nena in it. The limo took them to different clubs in DC and and at the end they crashed at her brother's house in DC. The guys, you see, were having their Bachelor Party at Atlantic City, so the house was free. These are moments that Lisa will always remember and look back fondly on.

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