Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Monday nights are Bingo nights for me here at Mullett Lake. I usually go into Cheboygan with a group from the Lake. I used to drive and take the ladies in but since I began doing that, I never won so now I drive myself and I win. I still sit with the ladies, I just don't drive them. I usually get to the Knights of Columbus hall around 5:45 for dinner. Dinner will cost anywhere between $1.50 and $3.00 and it is all homemade by "the guys" except for the pizza which comes in from "This Old House" a great pizza place here in town. Last night there was homemade hamburger vegetable soup, brats on a bun, and hot dogs. Of course, there is popcorn, candy bars, ice cream during break, soft drinks, etc. Bought my cards from all the guys lined up to sell it to me. Began with speedball...I was close but obviously not close enough. After speedball came early bird where in the first game you had to have an "X" to win. Nope, didn't win that but I did win the next game having a "T" on my card. I was the only winner and won $47. The night was starting off good. Later I went on to win $5 when someone bingoed on my number that I bought for a dollar and then another $5 when I won on second chance bingo. A successful night and I am still driving by myself!

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  1. We love having Jane and her friends at our Bingo. They put a spark in our day. Mostly we just love Jane.