Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you know what a Wanagan is?

Here in Cheboygan, the Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Wanagan Races. It sounded intriguing so my husband and I went down to the Rt. 33 bridge over the Cheboygan River to see what was up. It is the most random race ever! You need to build a raft that will float on the river. Typically 4-7 people are on the raft paddling. On the raft you have to build a structure and in the structure you have to cook a gallon of chili to a temperature of 160 degrees over a wood fire ALL while you are paddling 4 miles down the river. All rafts had themes; most rafts looked like they were going to sink in the river, some rafts had beer in coolers floating behind them and all looked like they were having a ball. The winner of the race? It was "The Beaver Trap" with their flag, a pair of thongs, flying from their structure. I'm trying to talk my kids into doing this next year. Do you think you would try something like this?

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  1. Great pictures, I definitely want to get involved with this some year!