Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boat Races

As I mentioned earlier, we live on Mullett Lake in northern lower Michigan. This past Saturday were the boat races. The race took the boaters from Indian River through Mullett Lake, down the Cheboygan River to just before the locks where they turned around and went back to Indian River. I had wondered how they would do it as there are signs in the Cheboygan River that you need to go slow, no wake. I found out that the Coast Guard and the Cheboygan sheriff's department close down the river to all trafficers except for the racers. We stood on the Rt. 33 bridge and watched the boaters coming and going. WOW...some were so fast, some were singles, some were doubles. all different classes for this boat race. Afterwards we went into downtown cheboygan for the kickoff of Riverfest. There was an entertainment/beer tent in the parking lot of the Citizen's Bank. Admission was free but we had to wear a Budweiser wrist band to show that we were over 21. Great music, good beer...a fine time..

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